It's about getting into shape, so I can run three days in a row over the lands of middleearth.
It's about motivating my life, finally doing things I always wanted to do. And not only start them, but finish them!

And I always like mail :)

Run like Pocahontas

motivation & liberty & speed & strengh


Fitness Motivation - Success is a Journey…VIDEO

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I need to get back up on the horse - university, learning, working paired with lazy, those are the excuses I use for myself. Have to stop that. There is time for sport. I don’t need to find it. I have to take it!


Dear stranger, please keep going. It’s worth it. Thank You.


Does learning count as sport? 

New Goal!?

Next semester, spring/summer, I’ll be on a 1-week excursion. Mostly crossing mountains, so I have have have to be in shape (really don’t want to lower my image with bad form)

I try to pick up running, well jogging, and I started swimming again once a week. Any tips? 

Want for breakfast… want… w…

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